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UAC Trivia Contest Resumes!

All Spring we'll be hosting a trivia contest to celebrate our upcoming production of Seussical! Look out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for questions about past UAC productions, Seussical, and general musical theater knowledge. Comment down below with the correct answer this week, and you'll be entered into a drawing to win free tickets to Seussical for you and a friend!

Over the years, we have produced several productions and events at Phoenix Bar and Nightclub in Elk Grove Village. This week's challenge is about one of those productions:

In Andrew Lippa's Wild Party, Burrs and Queenie join Oscar and Phil's epic musical number that is based on the story of Adam and Eve. Their number is interrupted by a discontented neighbor. Which UAC board member played the neighbor in his first and only "onstage" role in a UAC show?

Good luck!

Speaking of Phoenix Bar and Nightclub; we will be taking over their karaoke night on April 28th for a Karaoke Competition Extravaganza. Click HERE to learn more about the fundraiser!

We have also announced auditions for Seussical! To sign up for auditions, click HERE!


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